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Excellence in Dual Language Education Through Applied Research

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About Us

Dr. Richard Gomez Jr., Co-creator of the Gómez and Gómez DLE Model

The Gomez and Gomez Dual Language Enrichment Model was developed by Dr. Richard Gómez and Dr. Leo Gómez in 1995.  The Gómez brothers are retired professors in Bilingual Education whose research is focused on language and academic issues affecting bilingual learners.  They have spent the last 20 years constantly evaluating and perfecting their dual language education model which is now being implemented in over 700 schools across the country.  

In 2015, Dr. Richard Gómez founded G&G Dual Language Consultants, LLC and along with other select experts in bilingual education continues to offer trainings and services to implement the Gomez and Gomez DLE Model efficiently.  G&G Dual Language Consultants is committed to helping any school district interested in educating their students in one-way or two-way dual language programs create the best possible learning environment to ensure their students' success academically and as future bilingual, bicultural and biliterate members of society.  

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