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The Gómez and Gómez DLE Model, as any other instructional model, depends on a high level of Fidelity of Implementation. To this end, districts implementing our model will seek additional training to the basic 3-Day Initial training in order to achieve a high level of academic and linguistic effectiveness. We strive to provide you with high quality Teacher and/or Administrator training to meet this school or district need.

Districts wishing to host one of ourRegional Trainings,” allowing participants from “other” districts to attend, will receive a 20% discount off the normal training fees to help offset beverage and snack costs to all participants. Please contact Dr. Richard Gómez Jr at 956-455-3198 if you would like to host a “Regional Training”.

All trainings have the following schedule unless otherwise noted:

8am - 8:30am:  Registration

8:30am:  Presentation Begins

3:30pm:  Presentation Ends


1.  Three-Day "Initial" Training on the Gómez & Gómez Elementary DLE Model

Trainer:  Dr. Richard Gómez, Jr.

Day 1  Understanding Dual Language Education (purpose, research, philosophy), Principles of a Dual Language Education, Instructional Model (components), Language of the Day, Elements of Gómez & Gómez Dual Language Classroom, The Dual Language Classroom Schedule (PK-5), Bilingual Pairs (balanced classrooms)

Day 2   Challenging, Interactive and Authentic (CIA) Dual Language Classrooms, An Effective Dual Language Lesson Plan (lesson cycle), Second Language Acquisition (ESL/SSL), Cooperative Learning, Dual Language Grading Policy, Student/Program Assessment (report cards, testing)

Day 3   Critical Dual Language Model Components: Conceptual Refinement (supporting L2 content learners...PK-2 & academic rigor), Specialized Vocabulary Enrichment Activities (facilitating biliteracy in all learners...3-5), Bilingual Learning Centers and Research Centers, Fundamental Tenets of Dual Language Programs

2016-2017 Training Dates To Be Announced! Please Visit Again Soon!


2.  Two-Day "Refresher" Training on the Gómez & Gómez DLE Model

Trainer:  Dr. Richard Gómez, Jr.

Note: This training is for participants that have already received the 3-day initial training and serves as an update and review of the key components & strategies used in the Gómez & Gómez DLE Model. Please do not register teachers or staff that have not received the 3-day training and have not implemented the DLE program. This training is not for new teachers

2016-2017 Training Dates To Be Announced!  Please Visit Again Soon!


#mce_temp_url#3.   Two-Day "DLE Lite" Training on the "Best Practices" used in the Gómez & Gómez DLE Model

Trainer: Dr. Richard Gómez, Jr.

Note: This training is open to all staff from Regular Education classrooms in schools and districts using the Gómez & Gómez DLE Model. Training focuses on the "best practices" used in this DLE Model.  This training is designed specifically for "regular" program teachers, whose language of instruction is all in English, to benefit from the research-based 28 Best Teaching/Learning Practices imbedded within the Gomez and Gomez Dual Language Enrichment model. ELL Teachers who are not yet implementing Dual Language, can also find this training helpful by utilizing these best practices even before the Dual Language program rolls up into their grade level.

More 2017 Dates to be Announced


4.  Two-Day "Initial" Training on the Gómez & Gómez Secondary DLE Model

Trainer: Dr. Richard Gómez, Jr. 

Day 1  Understanding Dual Language Enrichment Education (purpose, research, philosophy, common principles); Secondary DLE Model/Program Design; DLE Classroom Environment; Language of the Day; Use of Best Practices; Learning & Retention

 Day 2   Print-Rich DLE Environment, Use of Bilingual Pairs and Groups (cooperative learning); Academic Rigor, Specialized Vocabulary Enrichment (SVE); Challenging, Interactive and Authentic (CIA) DLE Lessons; Project-Based Learning/Bilingual Research Centers; DLE Campus Committee

2016-2017 Training Dates to Be Announced! Please Visit Us Again Soon!


5.  One-Day or Two-Day Administrator Training to Support Successful implementation of the Gómez and Gómez DLE Model

Trainer: Dr. Richard Gómez, Jr.

This Administrator Training will introduce the Gómez and Gómez DLE model to Education Administrators of all levels to the Academic and Linguistic strengths of our DLE model. Administrators will learn of the tie between research, instructional best practices, and other strategies that serve as the underpinnings of the highly successful G&G DLE Model. This training is especially geared to Superintendents, Associate Superintendents, C&I Directors, Coordinators, Principals, and other district administration members.

2016-2017 Training Dates To Be Announced! Please Visit Again Soon!


6.  Two-Day Gómez & Gómez Lesson Plan Cycle Training

This is an intensive and powerful training that brings all of the "G&G 28 Best Practices" into the lesson plans for each academic subject. This training will "connect the dots" for teachers to see the strong correlation between the 28 best practices imbedded within the G&G DLE model on a daily basis. The results of effectively implementing the skills learned in this training will be a significant increase in rigor, writing across the curriculum, paired learning, a student-centered classroom and much more. Dr. Richard Gómez Jr. will personally conduct this training.

2016-2017 Training Dates To Be Announced! Please Visit Again Soon!


7.  Half-Day G&G DLE Orientation for District Administrative Team on the Benefits of the G&G DLE Model to Promote Long-Term Academic and Linguistic Achievement of District ELLS and Non-ELLS

 Trainer: Dr. Richard Gómez, Jr.      

2016-2017 Orientations are Scheduled as Requested


8.  Two-Day Sheltered Instruction Strategies (a Must in the DLE Classrooms at the Elementary Level)

As educators move students toward being bilingual and bi-literate, it is crucial that sheltered instruction strategies be a part of the instructional methods and best practices used during the delivery of DLE lessons in both Spanish and English. Join us as we discuss strategies that will facilitate the learning process for students developing skills in two languages in G&G DLE programs AND Non-DLE classrooms. 

Day one: First half day, analysis of the process of sheltered instruction and the key role it plays in the DLE model and/or in an NON-DLE classroom. Second half of the day, Sheltered strategies for immediate use!

Day two:  What does it look like? How do I do it? Sheltered strategies among other effective methods used in DLE model and/or in a NON-DLE classrooms.

2016-2017 Training Dates To Be Announced! Please Visit Again Soon!


9.  Two-Day Sheltered Instruction Strategies to Enhance Language and Academic Development in the Secondary DLE and NON-DLE Classroom

At the secondary level, students will take the language skills obtained in elementary and enhance them at the secondary level as they develop complex academic skills in the content areas. For this reason, Sheltered Instruction strategies become a key element in the DLE AND Non-DLE classrooms. This session will present effective strategies designed for students to enhance their academic language in both Spanish and English while at the same time taking their academic learning to a deeper level. (2 days)

Day one: Analysis of the process of sheltered instruction and the key role it plays in developing strong academic content and language development in Secondary DLE and NON-DLE classrooms.

Day two:  It can be done! Strategies will be addressed along with other methodology for successful content and academic language development in the Secondary DLE and Non-DLE classroom.

2016-2017 Training Dates To Be Announced!  Please Visit Us Again Soon!


10.  Training on Six Weeks Curriculum Guide for DLE/TEKS in Language Arts

This brand new and POWERFUL 2-Day training will train participants on the NEW G&G SLAR and/or ELAR 6-Weeks Curriculum Guide!  Participants will be trained on an entire Six Weeks’ of DLE / TEKS Curriculum for consistent, targeted, and rigorous language arts instruction!   The grade levels presented are:

SLAR   Kinder and 1st Grades – (2nd Six Weeks)

SLAR  2nd and 3rd Grades – (2nd Six Weeks)

ELAR  2nd and 3rd Grades – (2nd Six Weeks)

This 2-Day training addresses the most asked about G&G component, our SLAR and ELAR (two language arts) 2nd – 5th grades.  Consistency in Dual Language classrooms is extremely important for program effectiveness.  Teachers will receive a step-by-step guidance through an entire 6-weeks of intentional and targeted Language Arts instruction.  Teachers will be guided in “unpacking” the TEKS, attaining a more profound understanding of their language arts lessons.  Teachers will also create a 6-weeks curriculum map and then utilize their maps to create their own lessons for two additional weeks!  Participants will leave the training with a total of 8 weeks of DLE lessons!

 Day 1:  Introduction of Language Arts Curriculum Guide 6-weeks template as well as overall explanation of the most critical factors in developing rigorous and purposeful lessons aligned to the G&G DLE Model.  Teachers will also create a 6-week curriculum map for their respective grade level.

Day 2:  With guidance from the DLE Consultant, participants will utilize their 6-week curriculum guides created the previous day to curriculum write 2 weeks of lessons for their respective grade level. 

2016-2017 Training Dates To Be Announced! Please Visit Again Soon!


11.  Six Weeks of Math/Science/Social Studies Curriculum Guide Support

2016-2017 Training Dates To Be Announced! Please Visit Again Soon!

12.  Two-Day Dual Language Enrichment Parent Institute

Parental involvement is key to the success of a Dual Language Enrichment program. This parent institute is arranged into four different components that are designed to give parents an understanding of targeted second language acquisition concepts and how they fit into the program model.  Parents will walk away with a tool box of ideas to support their child’s learning at home.

Day One

  • “¡A escribir se ha dicho!”  Enjoying literacy at home.
  • Creating a parent tool box: make-and-take session

Day Two

  • “EL Científico” How to help your child become bilingual scientists
  • Numbers are everywhere! Connecting math with everyday life.

2016-2017 Trainings to Be Announced! Please Visit Us Again! 


13.  Two-Day Scope and Sequence Alignment for 2nd Grade – 5th Grade Spanish /English Language Arts

This training will customize a training, in which at the end of the training, the district will:

  • Have a Scope and Sequence document for their specific Language Arts Curriculum
  • Assurance that Scope and Sequence covers all TEKS
  • Walk Teachers through the process of understanding and applying the Scope and Sequence
  • Walk Teachers through the “how” to implement two language arts each day as well as the multiple benefit for students to receive two language arts each day

2016-2017 Trainings to Be Announced! Please Visit Us Again!


14.  DLE Classroom Makeover

Our DLE experts will completely redesign and “make over” a teacher’s DL Classroom to incorporate all of the G & G DLE Environment components! See some of the before and after pictures on our website www.gomezandgomez.com. The classroom teacher assists our consultant who takes this opportunity to explain the rationale and the “why” to each component, and in that way, this serves as an excellent “one on one” training as well. Our consultants can complete two DLE Class Make-Overs in one day. The DLE Environmentally-Complete classrooms will serve as class models for other teachers as well.

Classroom Makeovers Are Scheduled as Requested


15.  One-on-One Dual Language Enrichment Teacher / G&G Dual Language Consultant Partnership

Our highly experienced (30 year Master teacher) and effective Consultant will shadow your DLE teacher for as long as you deem necessary. Throughout the experience, our Consultant will shadow the teacher, guiding, explaining, providing suggestions, demonstrating lessons, literally providing your teacher with whatever she/he needs to become a much more effective DLE teacher. Pair up our Consultant with a teacher for two hours, a half-day, or for entire day(s). This training does what you don't have time to do, but you know is needed!

Teacher/Consultant Partnerships are Scheduled as Requested


16.  Customized Training Created to Exact School or District Needs

Please contact Dr. Richard Gómez, Jr. at 956-455-3198 for your specific training needs.


17.  Dual Language Classroom Observation Visits (follow-up to 3 day initial training) for "fidelity of implementation" of the Gómez & Gómez DLE Model


2016-2017 Classroom Visits are Scheduled as Requested