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Mark your 2024 Calendar

Professional development plays a crucial role in empowering campus and district administrators, support staff, and lead teachers. It's vital in preparing them to provide targeted and effective academic and linguistic instructional guidance. This is especially important for educators working with Emergent Bilingual students, who face unique challenges and opportunities in their learning journey.


Participating in the Institute offers a valuable opportunity to deepen your understanding and skills. It focuses on the subtle aspects of managing and enhancing the educational experience for Emergent Bilinguals. Through this program, attendees will gain insights into best practices, innovative strategies, and the latest research in bilingual education. The goal is to equip educators with the tools and knowledge necessary to support Emergent Bilingual students' academic and linguistic development effectively.


The Institute is not just about learning; it's also an opportunity to connect with peers and experts in the field, share experiences, and build a community of professionals dedicated to advancing bilingual education.


We eagerly anticipate your presence at the Island event, where we will come together to create a transformative educational experience for Emergent Bilingual students. This gathering promises to be an enriching and enlightening experience for all involved.


See you there!​

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